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Every industry needs to invest heavily in advertising and promotional materials to maximize its profit. The escort business does not make an exception. Dating agencies place most of their income back in the advertising market to increase their notoriety and attract new customers. Most of the ads for call girls are online, but many companies are already expanding their strategies to reach a wider audience. Here are a few interesting facts about the ads in the dating industry that you might not be aware of:

Not all the escort ads are real

The internet is the where you can find anything you want: bargain buys, the car of your dreams, and the love of your life. The internet is also full of scams and crooks that cannot wait to steal your hard-earned money. This goes just as well for escort ads, some of which being just fake images that aim to sabotage your computer and steal your data. Make sure that you only follow ads from verified and licensed escort agencies that guarantee your online safety.

The ads do not include the agency’s fee

Independent escorts are the main competition of dating agencies. These hot, stunning models usually practice lower prices and offer last-minute services for their clients. To counter this issue, many call girl companies promote their business without including the agency’s fee in the ad. Therefore, when you approach their services, they will display the same price as independent companions. Your credit card, however, will be overcharged with an additional service tax as well.

Sexy models and their real image

If you are looking to date a hot escort and you stumble upon the same model at several dating agencies, you are most likely looking at a fake add. Some unprofessional companies use the false image of a breathtaking beauty to advertise their models. Unfortunately, you only realize this problem once the girl reaches your hotel room and you have already paid for her services long ago.